Sunday, 20 February 2011

There's Nothing More Deceptive than an Obvious Fact

They promised so much in 2011 but in their much anticipated first game the Reds delivered so little.

Under Phil Mooney they developed a free-flowing attacking style not previously seen north of the border. But Fort Knox would have fallen had the Reds been required to defend it.

Then along came Ewan McKenzie. A great forward and forwards coach, he turned the Waratahs around but eventually lost his job  because of the boring  style of play he seemed unable to escape from.  Returning 2 years later from exile in Europe, McKenzie became the Reds saviour when he stiffened their defense and turned the Reds forwards into a formidable unit. But although McKenzie received the accolades, the backs had continued to play the no-fear attacking style developed by the much maligned Mooney. The difference this time was that they could tackle too.

Fast forward to game 1 of 2011: what Mooney taught the backs has been well and truly erased from the memory banks and replaced by the game plan favored by the MacKenzie-coached Tahs. 

Perhaps big Ewan, also famous for the number of meat pies he could put away, should have paid heed to the words of the Muad’Dib: The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in.”

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