Saturday, 26 February 2011

Position Vacant: Attack Coach, QLD Reds.

When are administrators going to realise that playing SuperRugby in Queensland in the summer is a really dumb idea? Apart from the obvious concern  that a player will one day have to be carried from the field suffering from heat exhaustion, the lacklustre performance of the Reds this week suggested that it takes some time to recover from playing in such conditions.

The other possible explanation for the Reds poor performance on Saturday– that the attacking spark of previous seasons is gone--  is equally troubling. If so, Queensland rugby needs to send out an urgent S.O.S. to Phil Mooney to re-join the team as the Reds attack coach. Come back Phil, all is forgiven.

Despite some awesome hits put in by the Tahs  defense, the crowd never seemed to warm to the game. The difference between the atmosphere at the previous night’s game in Melbourne and that in Sydney, methinks, is related to the demographics of those attending. One can understand the reluctance to put on a gonzo mask in team colors and scream yourself hoarse when you’re wearing a tweed coat with leather elbow patches. 

Hopefully one day New South Wales rugby will wake up, look in the mirror, and discover where the problem is. 

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